Life Coaching Stories

Life Coaching Stories

Before investing in life coaching, it’s important to find a coach who is the right fit. They need to have a process that suits you and your needs. It can be tricky to figure out who is going to gel well with you, so I’m happy to share some of my clients’ life coaching stories to give you a good idea of what to expect from me…



I went to Anna when in a dilemma about where to take my new business and how to retire my old business. Very swiftly, Anna supported me in unpicking my situation and asked me thoughtful (and sometimes tough!) questions which helped reveal what I needed to do… and what I was avoiding too! I needed to be accountable and have a neutral person to interrogate my thoughts – Anna is the catalyst to some exciting new beginnings and self-discovery. One of the key benefits of working with Anna is that her offering is totally bespoke to me and my situation. She is intuitive in her support, and she helped get me to where I needed to be.
I wholeheartedly recommend working with Anna.

Life coaching stories from my clients - Michelle ISBELL



I have been working with Anna Miller for several weeks now, and WOW! As a result, I have made a breakthrough for a change that I have been trying to make on my own for a long time. For the last ten years, I have dedicated myself to the role of mother, wife, and homemaker.

Before motherhood, I worked full-time and prided myself on making things happen, being efficient and having the great focus to get things done. In the last couple of years, I’ve been feeling ‘lost’, wondering who I am and what I actually like and who I want to be. I’d been trying to work this out alone only to be sucked back into the busy role I had created at home. Why couldn’t I tap into the pre-motherhood me and come up with a solution myself? This led to feelings of frustration and affected my morale and undoubtedly my self-esteem too (something I’ve never thought I had a problem with), which in turn made my attempts to make a change even harder.

Anna has patiently but effectively helped me realise how to do this. We’ve talked about very personal things, to the highly practical, which have all resulted in the ability to start on the path to a new chapter – a path I couldn’t step on, least of all find, without her help. I felt that she was genuinely invested in me in succeeding and, whilst making you accountable throughout the process, gives lots of support, love and understanding along the way.



Anna has been the most incredibly helpful coach. She listens well and feeds back with useful and easy-to-execute tips. She has helped me grow my business and learn to stay calmer in the family setting. Everyone has benefitted from her! I would recommend her to anyone who feels lost, unfocused or needs a push in the right direction.



I wasn’t sure what to expect or where the life coaching experience would take me. From our first call, Anna explained the process from beginning to end in detail. I was at a point in my life where I needed clarity in my decision-making. And identifying my limiting self-beliefs. I felt I was in a repetitive cycle of not knowing what path or direction to take within my career. Each meeting I had with Anna, I left feeling more and more confident within myself and harnessing the unstoppable force I always had within. Anna’s approach to dealing with my uncertainty was first to identify where they originated and implement solutions to overcome such obstacles. I’m now managing my time effectively; I’m taking each day as it comes with a mindset of being unstoppable in turn seeing a dramatic change with the opportunities I’m creating for myself.

Anna has been a godsend who came at the right time in my life. I’m forever grateful and will continue to update Anna on progress.