3.8 min readPublished On: March 11, 2024Categories: Life Coaching

A lot has been going on for me recently.  Ever since I gave up my full-time and long-term job running an aesthetic clinic, around a year ago, things have moved at lightning speed.  If you’d told me that in less than a year I’d be opening my own clinic, I would never have believed you, it wasn’t even on the agenda, or so I thought…

So today, I thought I’d share a snippet of my personal story that I believe many of you can relate to – the journey of acknowledging and pursuing our dreams. 

For the longest time, I kept my dream a secret, even from myself. Patients and friends would often ask me why I don’t open my own clinic and I would always brush it to one side or downplay it. But now, as we are literally weeks away from me opening my own clinic (as a co-founder), I want to share some of the insights and lessons I’ve learned along the way.

The Hidden Dream

Like many of my coaching clients, I was hesitant to even admit my dream to myself, let alone discuss it with others. But now I know, the dream was always there, waiting patiently. What I did know and acknowledge was my desire to create something of my own, to make an impact in a way that was meaningful to me and to help others.

I thought this was becoming a Life Coach and setting up my own business but now I see this was just another step in the right direction, albeit a pivotal one.  The real dream was much bigger however, various fears and doubts held me back.

Why I Hesitated

Hindsight is as always a wonderful thing and looking back, I can now identify several reasons why I didn’t prioritise me and allow myself to see my dream sooner:

  • Fear of failure
  • Worry about being judged
  • Not wanting to let others down (especially before I left my job – this was the hardest thing for sure)
  • Getting too caught up in the “how”
  • Lack of self-worth and self-belief
  • The comfort of staying where I was

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

The Turning Point

Over time, things began to change. Probably for around the last 10 years I have invested heavily in myself, always prioritising coaching, health, courses, and self-development over material possessions. Through this journey of self-development, I learned, grew, and most importantly, began to believe in myself and that I matter.

Could I Have Reached Here Sooner?

Possibly not. Could it have taken longer? Most definitely. Without the self-development work, I dread to think where I might be – stressed, burnt out, or even worse. But that journey was necessary to bring me where I am today and I have loved every step.

Sharing My Learnings

I love to learn and believe the wisdom and knowledge I’ve gained aren’t just for me; they’re for you too. My aim is to share what I’ve learned, offering tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help you become more self-aware to acknowledge and reach your own dreams. That’s really why I became a coach, because I’ve been through my own journey and know I can help you with yours.

The setting up of a clinic which offers aesthetics, coaching and wellness is literally the icing on the cake. It’s allowing me to put everything I know, have ever learned and all that I love into one thing, something I could never have done whilst working for someone else. In fact, I didn’t even recognise this was my dream and it’s only now that I’m here that I do and it couldn’t have happened more readily. 

I’m total proof that when you are on the right path, aligned with your purpose, it happens effortlessly and magically.  I’m still pinching myself.

A Message to You: Embrace Your Dreams

If you have a recurring dream or vision, which can be the tiniest of thoughts, don’t dismiss it. Be curious, give it time, write it down, or speak it aloud. Don’t let the ‘how’ stop you, this honestly works itself out. Life has its own way of guiding us, one step at a time.

If you’re tired of waiting, feeling stuck, eager to reach your dreams sooner and know that you are meant for bigger things, remember that I’m here to help. My experiences, my journey, and my learnings are at your disposal. Embrace your dreams, face your fears, and remember – believe in yourself because you are worth it.