If you’ve found me, it’s because you’re seeking something. Perhaps you have a clear vision of what that is. Or perhaps you have been seized by the desire for more. More from your professional career, friendships, spare time, or spouse… Perhaps more from everything.

I’m Anna Miller, an accredited life coach working in London, and I’m here to get you to where you want to be. To help you make that more a reality. To give you the support and confidence to own your life, step into your truest self, and feel good, inside and out.

It’s YOUR time. Let’s do this.


Accredited Life Coach?

Self-development is many things. Empowering, exhilarating, life-changing. Yet it can also be terrifying, tough, an emotional rollercoaster.

Working with an accredited life coach ensures you have a guide on your journey to self-fulfilment and the most powerful version of yourself. You need someone to hold space for you without judgement or criticism. A place of safety that still provides you with straight-talking honesty. A mentor who both supports and challenges you in equal measure. Someone to nurture your dreams, draw out your vision for the future and ensure you are proactively working towards achieving those goals.

A great life coach will not only encourage and reassure you but also provide knowledge and insight to ensure all your hard work has maximum impact. Without that guiding, steadying hand, you can flounder. You can meander, struggling to see a clear path. Procrastination kicks in. Blocks rear their ugly heads. And before you realise it, you’ve poured a lot of effort into achieving the wrong results.

Anna Miller is a certified life coach empowering the women of London to step into their full potential and achieve their dreams.



My career began with a deep-seated desire to help and be of service to others. This led me to become a nurse, a career I was happy in for almost a decade. In 2005 I shifted direction into medical aesthetics, focusing on overall wellbeing, confidence and happiness rather than direct hospital care. Even as MD, I have a full treatment diary. I love my patient relationships and making a difference. Coaching often happens indirectly during treatment, and many patients joke they get a twofer with me; coaching and the treatment.

Lockdown led to lots of meditation, soul searching, and mind mapping. Coaching emerged as the best way to combine my skills and help others in a unique way. I’m now an accredited life coach. The Anna Miller Method is my spin on life coaching for women, combining the empowerment of coaching with the confidence boost of aesthetics.

The Beauty Of Grounding

I’ll challenge you to find the answers; it’s not for me to give them to you. As a London-based life coach, I frequently hold coaching sessions in and around some of the quieter areas of the city. London has some beautiful spots, and I like to coach my clients while we stroll around Regents Park or sit in a quiet corner of Portman Square Gardens.

The practice of grounding by physically connecting with nature is ancient and powerful. The simple act of walking barefoot in the grass can amplify your sense of connection to yourself and the world. Both these areas of London are surprisingly quiet and serene places of nature, almost meditative, which helps you enjoy a more productive session. Of course, we also live in the age of technology, so if you prefer to jump on Zoom, we can. It’s about you and what makes you most comfortable.


With Me

  • We all need to be heard. Truly heard, without judgement or criticism. I’m a sounding board with the intuitive gift of drawing out what you most need to say. 
  • I’ve had coaching myself for the last six years, so I know from experience how beneficial it is. I can’t imagine not having a coach in my life.
  • Years of life experience and the tools and techniques I’ve learned along the way will be at your disposal. 
  • My background allows me to combine coaching sessions with aesthetic treatments for inner and outer confidence. 
  • When my clients take advantage of aesthetic treatments, I can send them home with cosmeceutical skincare products to begin a good self-care routine. 
  • As a registered independent nurse prescriber, I can prescribe prescriptive strength skin care for those who need a more targeted approach.
Anna Miller is a certified life coach empowering the women of London to step into their full potential and achieve their dreams.


Working with a lifestyle coach (or life coach) is your ticket to the most fulfilled, empowered, aligned version of yourself. The core purpose of a coach is to introduce you to your true self. That might be through helping you take steps and achieve goals you’re already aware you need or want. But equally, it can involve drawing out your true passions, desires, and needs. You may know something isn’t right but struggle to pinpoint the precise cause. Even if you’re aware of the issue, you may struggle to find clarity around the best course of action to address the issue. Your coach helps you identify where you want to be and how to get there while offering support and holding space for you on the journey. Read More…

I don’t have a fixed formula or coaching process. Everyone is unique, and I work in a way that will get each individual the most potent results. That might include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping) or even some auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) if clients feel particularly out of sorts and need calming or grounding.

There are many great benefits to working with a lifestyle coach. For many, the most powerful is gaining clarity and purpose surrounding their passions in life and how they can pursue them to their fullest potential. A life coach can also provide invaluable support and advice as you work through a specific situation or problem. Your coach can help you master the art of being fully present in your life, the moment, and embracing the shifts that occur in your mindset and level of satisfaction as a result. When you have a life coach, you also have someone to help you set goals, create an actionable plan to achieve them, and hold you accountable. Read More…

Working with a certified life coach is vital if you’re serious about making positive changes in your life. Essentially, that certification is your assurance that your coach knows how to effectively coach you. They have received training in the art of coaching. They understand various methods, tools and techniques to ensure you get the most out of your coaching time. Working with an uncertified coach risks taking advice from someone who doesn’t understand how to balance their personal opinions and objectivity. They may struggle to ensure they are leading you to find answers rather than simply telling you what they think.

If all you want is someone’s opinion, speak to your friends and family. Work with a certified coach if you’re searching for true support, guidance, accountability, and someone to actively listen to you and draw you out.

As I am based in London, I conduct many coaching sessions in person in a London location. We are, however, living in the digital age. If you prefer to hold online coaching sessions via Zoom, that’s a great alternative. If you’re outside London – or just prefer to be coached via video – I’m happy to discuss it with you and see if that will be a good fit for both of us. One thing to remember is that some of The Anna Miller Method hinges on in-person aesthetic treatments, so if you want to work with me remotely, you may not be able to enjoy that aspect of my offerings unless you’re willing to travel.