Gain clarity and purpose with life coaching from the Anna Miller Method.


Gain clarity and purpose with life coaching from the Anna Miller Method.


Gain clarity and purpose with life coaching from the Anna Miller Method.





We women give so much of ourselves to family, friends, children, work… it’s easy to neglect our own needs, to lose ourselves and our vision. Do you even know what your vision is? I will help you find it, gain clarity around it, create and breathe life into it.

My unique style of coaching is designed to help women find clarity. Discover their purpose. Create happiness and fulfillment on their terms, without giving up being a fantastic wife, mother, daughter, friend, employee, boss… 

As a life coach, my role is to act as a catalyst. I’m here to help you unravel the elements of your life and self you seek to improve. To shine a light and help you gain clarity. Insights trigger transformation and the true power of life coaching; introducing you to your true self.

Gain clarity and purpose with life coaching from the Anna Miller Method.
Working with a coach can be a life-changing experience that fills you with energy and hope. Here are the benefits of coaching.



I’m Anna Miller, a mentor to guide you on your quest for fulfillment. I believe we all deserve to experience a life of happiness infused with contentment and driven by meaningful purpose.

As a life coach, I’m here to encourage you to reach for your goals. I aim to provide you with actionable steps to help you achieve them. I also understand that a woman’s identity is often eroded by her commitments. Her sense of worth and wellbeing is often undermined by constantly prioritising the needs of others at the expense of her own. So I’m here to bring you back into alignment, inside and out.

My background in nursing, aesthetics, and business has left me uniquely qualified to provide life coaching that guides women in their search for their highest selves.



Life Coach

We are unique, with individual quirks, hangups, gifts, and strengths. Discovering your true self and aligning your work and lifestyle with your needs, goals, and ambitions is a powerful process. While many of us face similar challenges, we all experience them personally. 

With that in mind, I offer different life coaching packages that cater to the varying needs of my clients. I’m also happy to create a bespoke package if there isn’t an existing one that quite works for you and your situation. It’s all about the individual and what’s best for them.

Restore your inner and outer radiance by working with life coach Anna Miller.


Empowerment is a journey that usually begins with an introduction. While I may be your life coach, that intro isn’t to me, but rather me introducing you to yourself. It can be very tough to see ourselves clearly. This is frequently what causes us to feel stuck; we’re searching for a direction or purpose in life, struggling to see the big picture, while only holding some of the jigsaw pieces. 

Our conversations are designed to help you find the pieces you’re missing. Parts of yourself you set aside years ago to make room for friends, family, and other commitments. Pieces that you struggle to acknowledge are there. Perhaps recognising them requires you to accept strengths and talents you don’t associate with yourself. Or maybe seeing them requires a level of self-worth and confidence that has been eroded and needs rebuilding.

The focus of life coaching is you. Yet this is often an uncomfortable topic for us to focus on for too long. We have been cautioned about the pitfalls of vanity, hubris, and arrogance. Focusing on yourself and your needs is none of these things – it is basic self-care. But it can feel like all of these problematic terms and more. 

To dispel that feeling, a big part of my sessions is spent out and about in Regents Park, or sitting in a quiet corner of Portman Square. There’s no formal setting, no pressure, just a comfortable walk and chat in nature. You can walk barefoot in the grass if you want. It helps you to remain grounded and is much less intrusive than other settings. The natural setting also helps you to fully connect with yourself – it’s called earthing, and works through direct contact between your body and the electrons of the earth. For more info checkout The Anna Miller Method…

The AMM is designed for women who want more from life and are ready to take back control. It’s so easy for life to get away from us. Perhaps we are caught up in a busy career, motherhood, or caring for friends and family. 

Perhaps we are juggling all of these things.

Many women find themselves coasting through life until one day they turn around and realise they’re completely lost. Days have become nothing more than the fullfillment of other people’s requirements.

But what about our own? Why should our dreams and needs be relegated to secondary concerns or neglected entirely?

You do not need to sacrifice what you have already built in life to find greater purpose and meaning. There’s no need to drop those balls you’re juggling to create room for things that light you up and make your dreams a reality.

Likewise, you don’t need to hold on to everything in your life simply because it is yours. As we evolve, we outgrow elements of life. Yet we cling to those things and carry them forward despite the fact they no longer serve us. 

The Anna Miller Method is for women who find themselves adrift, unsure of their direction, or unclear on how to reach their destination. It’s for women ready to cast off the remnants of their former selves and step into their full potential. Who are ready to balance the needs of others with their own, to forge a new path while remaining present for the important people and things already in their world.  For more info checkout The Anna Miller Method…

Life coaching is an incredibly powerful tool for self-discovery, growth and change. It allows you to disperse the fog that prevents you from seeing clearly. You’ll discover a new sense of identity and feel emboldened to challenge limiting self-beliefs and transform them into self-worth.

Working with a life coach helps you identify your core values and ensure they are in alignment with your actions and the situations in your life. If there is a misalignment, your coach can help you identify the actions you need to take to bring everything into alignment. 

Life coaching also helps you to identify your purpose, your dreams and create a practical plan to achieve those goals. Through improving your self-worth, you will also find your relationships around you are boosted, and resentments you harbour melt away. You will come to understand there are options for you and open your eyes to the possibilities and opportunities surrounding you. Your coach will empower you with the confidence and ability to break free of what may currently seem like an impossible rut. To move forward, with purpose, in a direction that will lead you to your best self and the life you crave.

Throughout all that change, you will have the support and encouragement of your coach. They will act as your sounding board, your mentor, drawing out the direction you wish to progress in and guiding you along the path, but never leading the way.

It’s your journey, and now is your time. Life coaching doesn’t tell you where to go; it helps you understand where you need to be and enables you to get there. For more info check out 8 Awesome Benefits Of Having A Life Coach over on the blog…

Life coaching is an incredibly powerful tool that can completely turn your life around. Working with a great life coach can act as a catalyst to transformative growth. Your life coach can help you discover what you truly want from life, identifying areas of dissatisfaction, your dreams and goals for the future. They draw this information out gently, guiding you to the answers rather than telling you what to do. Once you’re set on a course they will help you map a plan of action to rectify areas of life you’re unhappy with, achieve your goals, and fulfil your dreams. They will act as a compass, and a cheer leader, keeping you on-track and motivated while holding you accountable. A life coach’s role is to empower others in  the personal and professional lives by helping them set, meet, and exceed their ambitions. For more details check What Is A Life Coach? over on the blog…

Life coaching and mindset coaching are similar and related ways of gaining guidance to improve your life, happiness and wellbeing. As a life coach, I often use mindset coaching and draw my client’s attention to their mindset (past, present and future) to help them see problems more clearly. Simply put, mindset coaching focuses specifically on helping you to recognise your current mindset, and improve it. It may mean looking at the ways your mindset affected past situations, behaviours, and outcomes, and helping you to develop a different mindset to deal with similar situations in the future, so you might improve those situations, behaviours, and outcomes. Likewise, it might mean considering how your current mindset is holding you back from achieving your goals, and modifying it so it supports your aspirations.

Life coaching works in a very similar way, but is more general – it doesn’t always focus on mindset, but looks at other aspects of your personal and professional life. That might include your health and overall wellbeing, your sleep patterns, and whether or not you’re getting enough self-care. Equally it might consider your career, whether the role you’re in is aligned with your ambitions, and how you might address any misalignment. While mindset coaching is a powerful tool of the life coach, it’s not the only one they employ! For more info check out 5 Ways A Mindset Coach Can Uplevel Your Life over on the blog…